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Spokane Septic Repair – Septic System Specialist  is locally owned and operated and is licensed by the Spokane County Environmental Health Department to provide new septic drain fields and septic system repairs. We also have the required permits to provide septic tank pumping and septic tank repairs.

Is your drain or drain field plugged - no problem - We can fix it!

Clogged, leaking and frozen pipes are common issues that require an experienced technician to get you flowing again. Is there standing sewer water above your drain field? Do you have a strange odor coming from your toilet or showers? Is your water pressure low? Don’t wait for your small issue to become a big and expensive problem. Tom Kalin has experience in drain field design and installation, as well as the repair or replacement of deteriorating or faulty septic tank systems.

How long has it been since you have had your septic tank pumped? If your septic tank is working well you may not think twice about it, however most septic systems require pumping every 3- 5 years. 

Tips for taking care of your septic system:

  • Not flushing - fat, grease or oil, paper towels, coffee grounds or diapers, sanitary napkins or tampons.
  • Not pouring - paints, pesticides, oils or other hazardous chemicals down your drain.
  • Fixing leaky faucets, conserving water, having your septic tank inspected and pumped every few years.
  • Calling a trustworthy professional as soon as you notice any issues.