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Kalin Construction – Snow Removal Specialist offers both commercial and residential snow plowing and snow removal services in and around the Spokane area.

We can apply Liquid De-Icer to parking lots and private drives just before a snowfall to cut down on the extra expense of snowplowing.  Liquid De-Icer can also be applied after snowplowing if temperatures are expected to be below freezing.  This keeps pavement and other surfaces from turning into BLACK ICE.  Liquid De-Icer effectively melts ice down to -9°.  Granule Ice Melt is also effective down to -9° and can be applied on sidewalks and along other pathways. 

We are trained and experienced in snow removal service, snow plowing, de-icing, snow blowing and shoveling ensuring affordable quality service. 

• 24 hour reliable service                                         • Liquid de-icing for commercial parking lots
• Snow Plowing                                                          • Commercial snow blowers for sidewalks
• Granular De-Icing for sidewalks                           • Front-end loader and dump trucks available for snow removal

We are currently accepting new clients for the 2016-2015 season. 

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